Sell with messenger and give your business a boost

Ecommerce is all about providing people optimal convenience. The option of sell with messenger is meant to enhance feasibility for the consumers so that they can purchase their desired products or services with ease.

Every ecommerce platform does not offer the option to sell products on Facebook messenger. Thus, the importance of opting for a suitable ecommerce solution cannot be stressed enough. You need to select a platform that will be easy to use, would offer plenty of features and would play a significant role in taking your business to the next level. Shopify is an option that will not let you down.

The convenience offered with selling on messenger

The reason that online shopping has attained such a rapid rise in popularity is that it provides people convenience. It gives them freedom from having to spend hours roaming on the streets looking for the perfect product to buy. When you enhance the comfort for the customers, your sales are likely to witness a significant boost. Using the messenger sales channel of Shopify, you can allow your customers the opportunity of shopping directly via messenger. They can also present their queries on the messenger that you can address in the same message thread. Furthermore, the customers will even get updates via automated notifications about their order on messenger. To get in contact with you, the customers have to click on the option of "message us" present on your online store. Another option is to click the option of Message on the Facebook page of your business.

How to use the option of sell on messenger via Shopify

Via the messenger channel, products are added to a menu which can be accessed by the shoppers without having to leave the chat on your Facebook page. Thus, potential customers can present their queries on messenger while browsing the online store. Once they have decided on their purchase and proceed to checkout, they can select the option of getting notifications about the order status. Since the customers can keep tabs on their order status, it manages to create a bond of trust and credibility. Thus, there are increased chances that they would come back to your online store. Thus, with the help of a messenger channel and Shopify, there are quite a few features that you can make use of.

  • Enable shoppers to make purchases via the messenger chat.
  • Dispatch order status updates to the customers via messenger.
  • Allow the shoppers to engage in real conversations with you by adding the option of Message Us on the online store.
  • Make it easier for the customers to present any query they might have regarding your services or their purchase.
  • You can use Shopify to complete the messenger orders
  • The sales from Facebook can be tracked using the sales channel overview along with the pages of analytics for the purpose.
The requirements you need to meet to make for selling with messenger

The eligibility criteria need to be met to make use of the messenger channel.

  • For one thing, it is vital that you have an online store with Shopify as the ecommerce solution. The store should not be password protected.
  • Having a Facebook account with admin access to a published page is mandatory.
  • To allow the customers to get updates about their orders, it is essential that sales are made in a currency that Facebook supports. If that is not the case, the customers cannot get the updates, but they can still make their purchases via messenger.
Setting up the messenger channel

Once you are confident that your store is eligible to use the messenger channel, you can proceed to set it up. The steps are simple and straightforward.

  1. Access the admin of your Shopify account. Click the option of + that you will see on the top by the side of the heading of the sales channel. This takes you to the Add sales channel dialogue.
  2. Once you have accessed the add sales channel option, click on messenger and acquire more information about the sales channel, finally clicking on the option of Add channel.
  3. Make sure that you review the terms and conditions of the services thoroughly. If they are acceptable to you, click on the option of connect account.
  4. You will successively be given certain prompts by Shopify to allow it to view your public profile, send messages from the page and manage the pages.
  5. Once you get to the section of the Facebook page, select the page that needs to be connected to the messenger, finally clicking on the Connect page option.

Your work is done. You and your customers can now enjoy the benefits and convenience that sales with messenger have to offer.

Removing the channel

If things do not work out and you want to remove the channel of messenger sales, a simple process has to be followed. Keep in mind that once you remove the channel, your checkout page will also get rid of the widget that the customers see. No updates would then be sent out to the customers.

In case you want to resume the use of messenger channel once more, you can connect with the same Facebook page and pick the conversations from where you had left.

  1. To remove the channel, access the Shopify admin and go the option of Sales channel which is visible after clicking on the option of settings.
  2. You will find a trash icon visible beside messenger. Click on it, and the messenger channel is removed.
Final words

There is no denying that Facebook sales can make things easier in more ways than one. These days, everyone has a Facebook account. By using the option of making sales with the messenger, you reach out to more potential customers. Thus, you will witness a rapid rise in your sales.

However, this will only be possible if you have a reliable and competent ecommerce platform on your side. Trust Shopify to provide you with all the features and assistance you need to make your business a successful venture.

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