Incredible Functionality Included In Basic Online Store Applications

Numerous online store applications have been development and are now available for use, both for small and big companies. Nowadays, many businesses are competing through online strategies following the growth in the number of internet users. As such, the type of online store builder that you choose for your business is a factor of consideration. The reason for this is that different online store applications have various functionalities that are meant to enhance the online experience of your customers.

Are you considering creating an e-commerce that you can use for selling your products online?  You need to take a lot of concern in choosing online store app that has the most important functionality to improve your customer’s experience. Here are some of the incredible functionality to consider as your create online store for your products. We recommend Shopify, as it is an amazing platform to create an e-commerce!

  • Payment options

If you have your business online, it is obvious that you will need customers to make payments. Thus, you need to incorporate the appropriate payment options. It is important to have a clear understanding of the preference of your target customers in terms of the payment options. There are customers who prefer using PayPal while others are fond of using credit card. Such knowledge will help you to factor these options when choosing your preferred online web builder.

  • Search and browse functionality

The majority of people looking for products online are time-conscious and hence, a search and/or browse option would make their experience in your store better. You need to use an app that incorporates a search and browse option to enable the visitors to find what they are looking for with ease.

  • Real-time inventory

Many customers feel disappointed when they complete all the necessary steps of ordering a given product only to be told that their product of interest is not in stock. The best online store apps are the ones that have a shopping cart that takes into consideration all the products in and out of stock by allowing real-time inventory management.

  • Detailed product description

The majority of customers online are compelled to buy a certain product based on its description and reviews. If you are selling your products online, you need to have them described well based on the needs of the target audience. For this reason, you need to go for an online store app that includes an option for categorization and products’ variants.

With such functionality, the chances of increasing the traffic to your site are high. The reason for this is that the majority of online website builder apps have an option for search engine optimization where you can write quality content that draws traffic to your online store.

  • Express checkout

The checkout process describes the last step after a client has identified their product of interest and added it to the shopping chart. In most cases, many online stores have a very frustrating checkout process which gives clients a bad experience and scares most of them. As you create online store, it is important to consider a checkout system that is simple and has an express option. Such an option should be able to pull the customer’s stored payment as well as billing information without them having to start all over again.

  • Order tracking

Tracking the customers’ orders assures them of the reliability of your online store. You need an online store builder that incorporates this option and keeps the customers informed of the progress of their orders even after placing it.


The above are some of the incredible functionality that’s available in any basic online store applications. However, it is important to take consideration of your specific needs when deciding on what functionality to look out for in an online web builder.