How to Select the Right Platform to Get Your Business Online

There are several reasons an online store builder might sound like a better option than hiring a web developer to create your website. Most of the entrepreneurs prefer selling products online because of the ease of access and usability of the many platforms available where you can create online stores.

Since the ecommerce industry is continuing to grow, there are more than a hundred different platforms where you can create online store. Some of them have simplistic designs at lower rates while others are too cluttered and exapensive. One option might not be suitable to everyone People who are interested in taking their business online often deal with the dilemma of choosing the right platform. There are certain things you need to consider to help make the decision easier.

Size of the Inventory

Keep the size of your stock in mind when you are looking for an online store builder and ensure that you are not paying more than you should for the services required. There are many businesses that offer different types of payment methods for only a few products which is a waste of money.

Type of Goods Being Sold

It is always better to choose a platform according to the goods being sold i.e. whether they are physical or digital. This makes all the difference in terms of shipping. Therefore, you should select an online store builder that caters to your specific product.

Mode of Payment

If you do not like PayPal and prefer to be paid through credit or debit card, then you should look into an option that offers that method of payment. However, do note that PayPal is the most popular processor for electronic payments and many ecommerce platforms prefer it over others.

Hosting Services

If you want to modify and customize the store, then you should select an online store builder that offers a self-hosted version as opposed to a pre-built ecommerce store. Most platforms do allow some modification but with self-hosting you get complete control over the website’s functionality.


The most important aspect is the budget and you should also look for those ecommerce platforms that offer monthly plans with a flat fee as opposed to them taking a small percentage of your profit every time you make a sale.

When you have all these things figured out all you need to do is start selling products online.

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